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Tele-Health Solutions Hue
Conceived and developed at Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) Bangalore, the IntelliSpace Consultative Critical Care (ICCC) solution is an important innovation focused on today's needs.

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This Personal Wireless Lighting solution from Philips can help you control and personalize
home lighting with just a click of a palm-top

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Connected World In the Media
Internet has changed the way we live. More objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate.

Peek into our connected world

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Cardiac MRI : A Milestone in Healthcare
The article talks about Cardiac MRI is a milestone in Healthcare sector. The story was done as part of interaction with Mr Ravindran Gandhi, Director Philips. Philips participated in the Cardiac MRI conference in Chennai.

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Best of Bangalore
Philips Innovation Campus featured in the ‘BEST of Bangalore’ Innovation Edition.
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Best In-house IP Team
Philips IP&S, India was awarded the Best In-house IP Team, in the Electrical and Electronics category, during the "Legal Era IP Conclave and Awards 2014",
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