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Tele-Health Solutions Hue
Conceived and developed at Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) Bangalore, the IntelliSpace Consultative Critical Care (ICCC) solution is an important innovation focused on today's needs.

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This Personal Wireless Lighting solution from Philips can help you control and personalize
home lighting with just a click of a palm-top

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Connected World In the Media
Internet has changed the way we live. More objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate.

Peek into our connected world

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Going Mini
In what is undoubtedly an impressive innovation, Philips has re-engineered the ultrasound machine to fit into a transducer or probe and it was showcased at the Philips Innovation Summit at Bangalore on Thursday (3 April) to a group of journalists

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Philips Research: Celebrating 100 Years!
Founded on 1st January 1914, this year Philips Research celebrates its 100th anniversary.
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